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Facing the Covid-19 Crisis: A Perspective From Healthcare Provider & Mom

I’ve been thinking about the concept of child-like faith especially as it relates to the current state of our country and the rest of the world. 

The last three months have been by far some of the most stressful months in the healthcare system and my career. As a healthcare provider, I find myself walking a fine line between managing the risks of human contact versus the need to support and provide care for those who are sick (physically, mentally, and spiritually). Throughout my career, I have lived out the belief that prayer, love, and human contact are the most healing forms of medicine. Albeit, I must admit, it has not been humanly easy to live out those principles in this time of crisis - but God

I wanted to share with you three things that have helped me keep perspective and ease my anxiety in these stressful times; which in turn has helped me walk alongside my patients’ healing journey and now as I’m quarantined. 

Child-like Faith

For many of you who have young children, you could appreciate their world view during this time of crisis. My toddler has not skipped a beat, even when she has been feverish for several days (cause unknown). I observed her have total reliance on my husband and me while we cared for her. She was okay being under the arms of her parents and did not question our care and wellbeing for her. Her reliance on us got me thinking: “Do I completely, at all times, rely on my Heavenly Father? Do I completely surrender, seek shelter under His wings, and find rest in His word?”

I challenged myself to exercise childlike faith during this Covid-19 crisis. I found it to be quite a relief. I stayed in the moment and in times of fear and worry I gave in. I trusted God wholeheartedly, I sunk into His arms. In doing so, here is what happened. In the times I needed it the most, I received a message from one of my Pastors at #goElevateChurch who was kindly, yet timely, checking in on us: “Praying over you! Psalms 91. Print it, read it.” And another text, “Psalms‬ ‭34:20-22‬ ‭NLT.” Then prayer and another text Psalm 46. Just like my Pastor, I also received calls and texts from my church family and other friends who were “just checking in” during the most timely moments. 

Then, as I waited to get tested a flood of emotions came all at once. Yet, at that moment my daughter’s tablet started playing a children’s praise song and well we started to sing in the car while we waited. I smile even as I write this because we serve a living God who works in us and through us. All of these God moments, as I like to call them, are a reminder that our Heavenly Father is using the body of the church to do his work. I’m sinking into His arms in times of worry, stress, and sickness and I have found God's beautiful peace through the everyday people I do life with. Here is my disclaimer. I’m not perfect, nor do I strive to be. I’ve had my tantrums and moments of questioning - but God stepped into the situation! I could appreciate what my daughter feels when my husband and I care for her because these God moments are a glimpse of what it feels to sink into the arms of Jesus. 

Prayer Warrior’s Heart

Today, it is so easy to send a message to a friend. In an instant, we could connect and fill our loved ones with encouraging words, send an update, or just be heard. When it comes to communicating with God, prayer is that instant message that goes directly to God. 

As we quarantine, let’s be intentional of sending God that text message or maybe having that lengthy, much-needed conversation. Let’s get back to basics. Sometimes a simple, “hello are you there?” is all we need to get the conversation started. Pray as a family, teach your children to pray for you.  

In all honestly, I anointed my home and my family and used the opportunity to show our daughter how to pray for me and her dad. Now, I know it may be hard for unbelievers to understand in the anointing power of Jesus. Especially since my daughter and I are sick (unknown if Covid-19). However, this is the prayer we made: “God deliver us from this sickness, BUT IF NOT, we will trust You!”  

“God deliver us from this sickness, BUT IF NOT, we will trust You!”  

See, prayer does not always lead to answers we want, but it does allow God to have the last word. In times like these, that is all we need. In my line of work, I have seen medicine take my patients as far as it can. I have also been in the presence of people who are here today because God had the last word - Amen for that! 

My brothers and sisters if you are quarantined for precautions or quarantined because you are sick; remember that our Heavenly Father has the last word. Please reach out if you need prayer ( More importantly, try it out yourself. Talk to the good counselor called Jesus whose peace is beyond anything I have ever experienced in this world.


I don’t know how this will all end, none of us do. I do know this, we can’t possibly go through something this epic and be unchanged. As difficult as it is today don’t lose hope of a better tomorrow; even if tomorrow looks different than your yesterday. Change and growth can be difficult, but it can also lead to better things. Anticipating a better tomorrow, while focusing on what is constant today is one way to keep stress down.

As difficult as it is today don’t lose hope of a better tomorrow; even if tomorrow looks different than your yesterday. Change and growth can be difficult, but it can also lead to better things.

Read her full bio and contact info here Disclaimer: The content shared in this page is intended as general advice only, and not to replace clinical counseling, medical treatment, legal counsel, or pastoral guidance.

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