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3 Christmas Stories to Read as a Family on Christmas Eve

One of our top concerns as parents is to point our children to Jesus no matter the season. However, this time of the year presents a great opportunity to share the gospel with them and everyone that comes to our house (or wherever we visit). Unfortunately, sometimes we don't know how to mix it with our traditions, parties, gift-shopping, etc.

Something that has helped us focus on Jesus during Christmas time is reading short stories that bring the birth of Christ and its importance to the forefront. For the past few years, we have turned this into a family tradition no matter if we're home or visiting friends or family.

Here are our top 3 short stories to read as a family during Christmas Eve:

1. Luke 2:1-20 - There's nothing like reading straight from the Bible. It helps weed out popular folktales - which sometimes sacrifices accuracy - from the biblical and accurate account of Jesus’ birth.

2. The Tale of Three Trees - this is one of our favorites. A must-read during Christmas and/or Easter. It is the tale about three little trees that dreamed BIG dreams of what they wanted to become when they grew up. You can also buy this bilingual, illustrated hard copy (we own this and our daughter loves it).

3. The Three Kings - Growing up in Puerto Rico the three Wise Men or "Los Tres Reyes Magos" were a big part of our tradition. And rightfully so. This beautifully written short story paraphrases the biblical account of these Wise Men from the East that followed a star all the way to Bethlehem, where they found the King of Kings - Jesus.

We pray you enjoy this season with your family and that the light of Jesus shines in your home. Merry Christmas!

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