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"Don’t Throw Your Legos": The Importance of Practicing what you Preach!

The importance of walking the talk
As much as we need to shape our kids, we as parents need to be shaped as well.- UPC

As play time was drawing to a close, I instructed my daughter to help me clean up and put away her toys.  We were playing with building bricks at the moment so there was quite a mess to pick up. I was picking up the bricks when behind me I hear loud noises of bricks hitting the floor, wall and everywhere . As I turn around, I see my 2 year old throwing her legos all over the place.  “What are you doing? You know it’s not nice to throw things! Don’t throw your Legos”, I raised my voice in anger. The next words out of her mouth hit me like a ton of bricks (pun intended). She said (with confusion or maybe smirk on her face, I want to go with the former), “solo papá puede tirar?” (only daddy can throw things?”). Instantly I remembered that just the day before, without really thinking too much of it, I was “cleaning up” the toys by throwing the bricks into the box where we store them.  I was convicted. She was learning that behavior from me. 

Although this behavior may seem innocent, there’s a principle we as parents need to learn.  Our children will learn more from us by witnessing our behaviors than by any rule we impose on them. Modeling is the best way to lead your children. So, as much as we need to shape our kids, we as parents need to be shaped as well. Humility and integrity are two of the most important tools in our parenting toolbox. 

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is always there to guide and shape us, so we can guide and shape our children. Remember, as you go, they'll go.

Ask yourself: Whenever I see my children behave in an undesired manner, could they be learning it from me? Ask God in prayer to reveal the behaviors you need to adjust in yourself so that you don’t transfer them to your children. 

Principle: Our children will learn more from us by what they see us do and hear us say than by what we tell them to do. 

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